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CAD/CAM Solutions, Inc.
CAD/CAM-E. Com Inc.
Cadent Technologies, Inc.
CADKEY Corporation
Calgon Corporation
Cammann Inc.
CamSoft Corporation
Camstar Systems, Inc. - Siemens
Carboloy Inc.
Carl Zeiss
Carmex Precision Tools, Ltd.
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.
CDM Rovella SPA
Cedarberg Industries Inc.
CelCon Cellular Concepts
Centaur Precision Tools, Inc.
Centrifugal & Mechanical Industries - EEG
CERTA Ltd. - Erowa
CGTech - Vericut
CHAMPS Software, Inc.
Chevalier Machinery Inc.
Chick Workholding
Ching Hung Machinery - CHMER

Chip Systems Intl

Chiron America, Inc.
Cimatron Group - 3D Systems
Cimetrix Inc.
CIMNET - Schneider Electric
Cincinnati Gilbert Machine Tool Co
Cincinnati Machine - Fives
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Circle Machine Company - WIDIA
Clark Precision, Inc.
Clausing Industrial Inc.
Cleveland Motion Controls
CNC Automation
CNC Engineering Inc.
Co-Op Tool Workholding Systems
COGZ Systems

Colonial Saw Company, Inc.
Colonial Tool Group Inc.
COM 1 Information Technologies, Inc.
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