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Haas Automation, Inc.
Haco-Alantic, Inc.
Hammond Roto-Finish.
Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Inc.
Hannibal Carbide Tools, Inc.
Hardinge Inc.
Harig Mfg. Corp.
Harroun Enterprises
Hartland Cutting Tools Inc.
Harvey Tool Co. , Inc.
Hause Machines, Inc.
Heck Industries, Inc.
Heinrich Company
Helfer Tool Company
Helmel Engineering Products, Inc.
Hennig, Inc.
Henning Industrial Software, Inc.
Heritage Cutter
Hermle Machine Co.
Hertzler Systems Inc.
H.H. Roberts Machinery LTD.
High Quality Tools, Inc.
Highway Freight
Hill Engineering. Inc.
Himes Service Company Inc.
Hirschmann Eng. USA Inc.
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