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RMT Technology - Hypneumat, Inc
Radan CIM Inc.
Ramco - Tannewitz- MAX
Rapid Output Co. - G-Zero
Refresh Your Memory, Inc. - FactoryWiz™
Rego-Fix Tool Corporation
Reishauer Corporation
Reko International Group Inc.
Renco Encoders, Inc.
Renegade Parts Washers

Renishaw Inc.
Republic-Lagun Machine Tool Co.
Rex Supply Company
Rexroth Star - Bosch Group
Richel, Inc. - Ward Jet
Rigibore Tooling Systems
Robbjack Corporation
Rofin Sinar, Inc.
Rohm Products of America
Roilgard Inc.
Romay Corporation Inc.
ROMER Inc. - Hexagon Metrology
Romi Machine Tools, Ltd.
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