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D. Broderick Software LLC. - ShopCAM
Daewoo Internetional
Dainichi Machinery, Inc.
Danly IEM
Dapra Corporation
Darex Corporation
Datron Dynamics, Inc.
Davenport Machine
Dazor Manufacturing Corp.
Decitek Corp
Delcam International
Delta Tau Dalta Systems, Inc.
Deltronic Corp.
Denford Machine Tools USA, Inc.
Design Automation, Inc.
- Revware
Derbyshire Co. , Inc. F.W.

Detroit Edge Tool Co.

Detterbeck Enterprises Ltd., Lester
DE-STA-CO Industries
DeVlieg Bullard - Bourn & Koch
Diacut Inc. - Thinwheel

Dianamic Abrasive Products Inc.
Diebold Goldring Tooling
Dillon Manufacturing, Inc.
DIXI Machines, Ltd.