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M. K. Morse Company, The
Machine Tool Research, Inc.
Made2Manage Systems, Inc. - APTEAN
Mahr Corporation
Makino Inc.
Mandelli Industrie SPA
Manufacturing Data Systems Inc.
Manufacturing Information Solutions
Mar-Tec Products - Knoll America
Markee International Corp.
Marking Methods, Inc.
Marposs Corp.
Marubeni Citizen - Cincom Inc.
Master Chemical Corp.
Mastercam/CNC Software, Inc.
Mayfran International
Mazak Corp.
McCrosky Tool Corp.
McWilliams Sales & Service, Inc.
Meccanica Nova Corporation
MecSoft Corporation
Melin Tool Company
Menlo Tool Company
Merry Mechanization, Inc.
Metalsoft, Inc. - Amada
Meyer Gage Company
Micro 100, Inc.
Micro Estimating Systems, Inc.
Micro-Vu Corporation
MicroCentric Corp.
Micron-USA, Inc.
Mid-State Machine Products, Inc.
MIDACO Corporation
Mighty U.S.A., Inc. - Viper
Mikron Corp. Monroe
Milacron, Inc.
Miller-Stephenson Chemical Co., Inc.
Milltronics USA
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